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2016 Year In Review



Before we get too far into the new year, I want to take a moment to thank you all! I am very blessed to be going into my 26th year of business.  99% of my business comes from repeat and referral business.  In 2016, only one transaction was from a Zillow call.  They turned out to be a lovely couple!

Why is this important to you and the friends and family you refer to me?  Most agents spend as much of their time and attention drumming up business as they do attending to the business at hand.  Because I have built up a solid business, 100% of my laser focused attention, goes to the customers I am working with.  I am not worried about where my next business is coming from.  I just believe that if I do a superb job with the people I am honored to be working with at the time, the rest takes care of itself.  I just need to stay focused on keeping abreast of the market, all the legal changes and networking with other agents to benefit my future customers.

Bridget, our office Marketing Director, has put together a slideshow of most of my sales from 2016, and most importantly, what the customer had to say about the experience.

Thank you for always thinking of your friends and family for me.  I know they will thank you as I do!  It may be a small gesture for you but it means the world to me. I am deeply grateful!

I plan to stay in touch throughout the year via MailChimp, less print mail, a bi monthly magazine and hopefully more smaller get-togethers throughout the year.  If you have any great suggestions on how you would like to stay in touch, I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy the slideshow of my 2016 listings and sales and a digital version of the last American Lifestyle Magazine!




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From Naughty Girls to Nuns…

Hello Everyone,

Can you smell the faintest crisp in the air?  This summer seemed to zip by faster than many and we find ourselves at the end of August.  It was one of my busiest months thus far for me.  I got immersed in learning about trailer parks and doublewides up North, proving that an old dog CAN learn new tricks.  In this still strong, Seller’s market, I negotiated a deal on Queen Anne where the appraisal came in $10K higher than what the Buyer paid.  My listing in Pinehurst sold in less than a week for considerably higher than list price.  But the most fun I had, was working with the Sisters of Providence.  Their referral, in my humble opinion, is better than the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  As my best friend said, “Well Diane, from Naughty Girls to Nuns…you help them all!”.  He he…
As many of you know, I co sponsored my Rotary Club’s Happy Hour for Good last Thursday to fund a grant our Club is working on to work with the teens from YouthCare.  Thanks to our many generous guests and a matching grant from the District, we raised $10,000.!!!  It was a huge success and a lot of fun!  Lake Union Rotary has Happy Hours for Good the third Thursday night of the summer months taking advantage of our prime location at the Center for Wooden Boats.  Our next one will be Sept 18.  Mark your calendar for a feel good night! 

And without further ado, here is what the Sisters had to say…

– Diane


What Diane's Buyer's are Saying…

After we were evicted again from our
rental so that the owners could sell the house, we ourselves decided to buy a house in West Seattle. A friend recommended Diane Terry to us as an agent. As a community of adult women
of varying ages and physical abilities, we had some specific requirements and
price ranges that we wanted in our new house. 
Diane listened carefully to our needs and showed us all the properties that she thought would suit us. She did a very good job interpreting our needs, making what could have been a tedious task fun and informative.

After we made our choice Diane helped us navigate the intricacies of buying a house in a most professional way. She anticipated possible pitfalls and worked with her team so that we could be confident that we were not going to find unexpected problems ahead. When the Seller needed to obtain a city permit for the sewer line, her can-do and don’t give up spirit helped us to avoid sinking into frustration.

Because of her we now have the house we need and so much more. We have a friend for the long haul.

Beverly Dunn, Sisters of Providence


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My Houzz: Reinventing a 1930 Fire Station for Family Life

Check out this great conversion I found on Houzz! 


My Houzz: Reinventing a 1930 Fire Station for Family Life

When Seattle Fire Station No. 38 became too outdated for modern needs, the city put it up for auction — creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for entertaining and lifestyle blogger Alexandra Hedin and her contractor husband, Adam. Alexandra had grown up in the neighborhood and had fond memories of the fire station, so the couple seized the chance to turn the landmark building into a work and play space tailored to their family’s needs. 

Although both the Hedins and Alexandra’s parents, Gwen and Thom Kroon, have homes nearby, the firehouse has become their “daytime home,” where they work, cook, entertain and spend quality time together.

Project at a Glance

Who lives here: This is a second living space for Alexandra and Adam Hedin, their 3 children and their dog, GeorgeLocation: Ravenna/Bryant neighborhood of Seattle 
Size: About 2,500 square feet; includes a kitchen, an office, 4 living spaces and 2 bathrooms
Year built: 1930

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From Washington Realtors: We Need Listings!

Friday Vid Update Hdr

May 31, 2013

Video Frame Revised

We need listings! Supply is short and demand is high. Now is an excellent time to sell a home and move up or downsize. This video is designed for you to post on you Facebook page, embed on your website and/or send out via email. REALTOR®

Instructor Pili Meyers gives us 10 good reasons to list your home today.


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Dryer lint is nothing to sneeze at!

I have a friend who went to the movies only to come home to her home burnt to the ground due to a build up of dryer int in the vent…  When is the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned out?  Here is an article worth reading:

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To go Tankless or Not?

One of my favorite blogs to subscribe to is  It teaches you how to think about money.  It teaches you how to keep track of it and save it. Today it had an excellent article on hot water tanks.  The average life of a hot water tank is about ten years.  There are many reasons to think about going tankless.  They are more energy efficient, they take up less room, you don't ever have to worry about coming home from vacation to a flooded basement due to your tank failing.  But here is their article on the pros and cons…

In retrospect, I wish we had gone tankless the last time we had to replace our tank.  But then, about 8 years ago, tankless heaters were still quite expensive.  Now, they have come way down and are more reasonable.  Here is Seattle City Light's page on Tankless heaters…

When Kelley would descend on the house with 2-3 carsful of Ultimate Frisbee players who were "crashing" at our house, they would have to time the showers to be fair.  With a tankless heater, that would not be an issue.  You could run the washer, dishwasher and take a shower at the same time.  Plus it takes up less space.  That is alot of space devoted to an ugly tank in the basement!

If you do still have the old style tank be sure it is sitting on a tray and is earthquake strapped.  Along with the age of the tank, these are things a home inspector will note during the inspection.

Any thoughts or opinions on going tankless or not?




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Insurance for Water and Sewer Lines

I happened to peruse my AAA magazine that arrived this month and I noticed an ad for  If you own a house with an older water or sewer line, and most of us in Seattle do, you owe it to yourself to take a few moments to study this site.  Yes they are selling insurance! But before you roll your eyes, do the math.  $7.99/mo to cover your sewer and water lines up to $5000. per year.  Anyone who has dealt with accidentally hitting your water line or your pipes backing up will instantly recognize what a bargain this is for peace of mind. Not only this but the web site is chock full of very useful information on how to curb water usage, how to estimate your water usage etc.  It also had a quick video of KOMO doing a report on them to verify they are legit.  I called several insurance folks I work with and they said it is a good add on because the math so clearly works in the consumer's favor.  As with anything, check out the fine print but do check it out.  I think it's worth the time and trouble!  



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New Carbon Monoxide Detector Rules

Overkill, maybe but here is the new rule…

Carbon Monoxide Detectors are now required on each floor of the dwelling

AND outside each room being used as a bedroom…

Regardless of whether you have electric, oil or gas.

Email me for the new language or specific language.

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FREE Heating Oil Pollution Liability Insurance

If your home currently has oil heat…please take note that two things are imperative to do.  1) It's prudent to have tank insurance.  It's a very nominal monthly fee and well worth it.  2) Be sure you have registered your home with P.L.I.A.  This is FREE pollution liability insurance you can get by simply registering your home.  It's crazy NOT to do so.  Moreover, if you are considering selling your home, it is important that you do so at least 180 days in advance.  Like a preexisting health condition, if you have a leaking tank, and then sign up, it doesn't work that way.  You need to have been covered for 180 days prior to there being an issue.  You most certainly do not want to put your house up for sale, think you have an offer only to find out during inspection that there could be an issue.  The P.L.I.A. web site is very comprehensive and easy to navigate and understand.  Leaking tanks can be a deal killer not to mention a costly environmental clean up. Save yourself some heart ache by a few simple steps. 

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