Ron & Don Podcast

As promised! Here is the podcast episode I am a guest on with #RonandDon…/ron-and-don-radio/id1462197106…

2020 for me was supposed to be a year of leaning into the fear. As a true introvert, I am a horrible off the cuff speaker and prefer to ruminate on things for a long time before responding. So when my buddies, Ron and Don asked me to talk on their show about listening, my first reaction was fear. Oh, yeah! That thing I was going to lean into. So I reluctantly agreed and ended up having a blast because, it’s RON and DON of course! Have a listen but better yet, subscribe to their podcast. These guys are quality humans.
Go to your podcast app of choice, (mine is Apple Podcasts), find the #RonandDonRadio and go to Episode #118. Then come back and drop me your feedback! 😉❤️

Wednesday’s Show – EPISODE #118: Ron & Don Go To Listening School, and Let YOU Eavesdrop
There’s so much turmoil and change happening right now. Listening has never been more crucial. Ron and Don go to listening school with Diane Terry and you get to eavesdrop on the conversation. I think you’re going to enjoy this show.