More About Me

A simple philosophy of respect and appreciation for every client, regardless of price range has taken Diane to a strong business based solely on referrals.

At a time when ethics matter more than ever, when you want an agent who can’t be bought or sold…that agent is Diane Terry.
She is precise, polished and prepared for everything. Her focus is her client not a text, a tweet or call. Taught early on in life to be a good listener, always ready to learn and certainly willing to give back to her community. She is a shining example of how to succeed in business by ‘caring’. This consummate professional has the heart of a teacher and selflessly shares her learned wisdom with other real estate professionals. Diane’s belief in mentoring (which she has done for many years) helps provide the public with a new breed of educated, thorough and thoughtful, honest and caring Realtors.
She teaches and shares her knowledge with each client so they have control of the decision making process. Earning trust and loyalty with each transaction, Diane exceeds expectations.

Educated in business at the University of Puget Sound, Diane spent nine years in international trade and transportation with Sea-Land Services. Sea-Land afforded her the opportunity to garner valuable negotiation and marketing skills. Customer service skills were honed from living day to day and treating others with joy, interest and respect. Whether it’s business, family or pleasure you would be well served to work with and associate with Diane Terry.